The Gift of Health is a patient centered grant created to help offset the cost of the initial visit with Dr. Kenny De Meirleir in his medical practice at the WPI Clinic. This medical grant will support patient access to expert medical care in addition to aiding the search for more effective treatments. The Gift of Health grant will be administered on a first come, first served basis, beginning January of 2020. It will exist as long as funding is available.

The Gift of Health grant will cover the first $500.00 of the doctor’s fee for any patient who expresses a need for financial assistance at the time of their first appointment. It is a one-time grant. You may request grant support toward your first visit by filling out the grant form at the time of your medical appointment with Dr. De Meirleir. The doctor’s office will deduct $500.00 from the initial diagnostic fee at the conclusion of your appointment. The patient will be responsible for the balance that is owed the doctor on that day. Patients are responsible for all medical expenses beyond the $500.00 grant, including all medical appointments, laboratory and treatment related expenses.

*It is important to note that diagnostics and treatments of this spectrum of neuroimmune diseases have not been FDA approved and therefore may not be reimbursed by health insurance companies.

*Should the funding be unavailable the doctor’s assistant will notify the patient at the time of a patient’s request for an appointment.

To make an appointment with Dr. De Meirleir, please email his assistant Nossa Van den Vonder at

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